Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Decorated frame

Made it quite some time..1st trial to make decoupage by pasting the tissue reserve way on the frame glass.Got advice from kak Razna as well..Thanks Kak..I love the background shading effect once you dap the color on top of the tissue..

My Key Hanger..

Just to share my Decorated Key Hanger..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why I've been so busy lately...

Few members asking why lately no N3 from me..because of this..I received project from Leo Burnett for their client SK11 to prepare complimentary items for their customer in conjuction with their promotion.
I have only 2 weeks after received confirmation to make 50 items from 3 diff things-plate,box & vase.Finally they agreed with my proposal design of Royal Albert pattern to match with their image color.
And finally,today,the event took place at JUSCO One Utama from 10am~1pm.

I demonstrated how to make decoupage and support to distribute the gift to customers..
From tonight,hope can have enough sleep back (actually never enough hah..until my kids at least all over 7 years old..now ,last one only 1 years old...
Can't wait to proceed others order using diff pattern and style...

My candles..

Planned to have collection of decorated candles..but..after made on this set of candles..I think ,it's not so interested as making decoupage on others things..maybe because nothing much can be done on it...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Vege vase

Did made 1 similar vase ordered by my friend but forgot to take photo b4 pass to him..As being bored looking at same roses pattern everyday for 2 weeks...release my tension by enjoying decoupage using vege's design...green is my favourite color ...no doubt..

At last...

At last got chance to make others decoupage items ..lately tight up with some orders..

I've kept this tissue quite some time..never use as only have 1 pc of it(actually 3/4)..and don't have background blue paint..finally..here it is..IKEA's frame mirror..

Anyone wish to buy it ..please contact me..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Decoupage on watch

Cannot bear looking at my friend's watch (check photo of B4)...Now,looks much more better..I think

Thursday, July 9, 2009

All DONE!!

I received 1 huge box from Pantai Timur..consist of 12 used items..all the while being kept in store..the owner request me to make over all so that she can create 1 special corner in her kitchen..
For most of the bloggers from English Decor & Antique Stuff Corner..sure can guest who she is...
Hope she likes them..
I selected Roses Design as I know she love Roses..

Happy Viewing..
Total items..(don't laugh to the way I displayed them)...

Notice that I've make up both faces...?

Above 2 photos actually from the same pan..then she can rotate the display..

Same goes for above 2 photos..also from same pan...

Below photos ..items b4 make over..forgot to take photo for all...

So..if you have anything like above items...can pass to me for make over...rather than throw it away or just keep in store..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Decorated Vases

Jewellery/multi purpose Box
Oval plate.

-->Another proposal items to one of my Client.Finally they selected Vase 3,box & oval plate.
Why my h/phone there?As size reference cause they are really particular in this.

Now have to concentrate on making all those items in big qty(not so big actually..huh..).
There will be event in one of the shopping complex in next 2 weeks...

Anyone interested to buy any of these,please contact me.

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