Thursday, September 30, 2010

Folkart Painted Metal frame--FOR SALE!...SOLD to Zaitun!

I wanna let go this painted metal frame.

Can request for any wording,I guess,name will be the most suitable one (?).
Kindly contact me by sms/call ;016-6141761

Price:RM70 inclusive postage.
Only 1 pc available.
-->SOLD to Zaitun

Folkart Painting on Cute chair & Rack..request from Noridah..

Ordered items from Noridah. She passed to me those items from her furniture shop ,requested me paint them.If you are interested with such kind of furnitures,kindly visit her blog

and the'll be surprised..

As for the painting,just contact me.. :-)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Folkart Painted plaque..order from Syuhada..

For her beloved husband who loves flowers..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Folkart Collection..for me... :-) PART 4 (last)

Final N3 on my Folkart Painted items collection..
I've bought this rack with all the vases, then make-over each of them with Folkart painting and decoupage...Taraa..

Folkart Painted vase 1..

Folkart Painted vase 2..

Folkart Painted Vase 3..

Folkart Painted vase 4..

Folkart Painted vase 5..

This one by decoupage..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Folkart Collection..for me... :-) PART 3

My "Bekas Kuih Raya"..Completed on night b4 Raya..

My Folkart Collection..for me... :-) PART 2

I've ordered the white rack from Kak Azlina,perak..initially it was just plain ..then decided to paint on it ..simple pattern ..yet tried to match it with the rack design..

As for the vases..plain metal vase..painted with my favourite basedcoat color..Jo Sonja:tree frog green..

My Folkart Collection..for me... :-) PART 1

Desperate to have own collection of folkart painted items,I've forced myself to spent some time to paint all below items ..spending longer time to complete each stuff compared to normal lead time taken to complete usual orders from customers as the concentration was not there.. least I have something now for my own...

I've painted this plaque quite some times before...and till now not sure where is the best spot to put it...

Key Holder box...not for daily use but for extra keys keeping...tried to have different way of rose painting especially for the leaf pattern..hmm..not bad I guess..

My 2nd hand made (??) clock .Quite striking but I love it..

My 1st painted and assembled clock..if anyone aware..I did shown this clock b4 but now new looks with additional painting on top area with some touch-up on the color used..

Pair of plaque..Order from Su,Kuantan

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Folkart painting on Galvanized mailbox..for K Chempaka..

This big galvanized mailbox have been requested by K Chempaka to be painted with english cottage design ..not so good in object painting but i'm quite satisfied with the result.

Anyone interested to have this US galvanized mailbox can buy it from

If need me to do painting on it,I can buy it for you as the shop is nearby my,you just have to pay me painting cost and 1 way postage cost...isn't it a good cost saving?

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