Saturday, March 5, 2011

Painted window panel..still WIP..

Still work in progress..pending confirmation from customer whether she can accept additional of rustic effect or not..also either want to have any wording or not..

Lucky for me,I've found this old window panel on my way to pick up my daughter from her 1st day of kindergarten..Found out that the owner was the headmaster of the kindergarten,make the dealing session became much more easier..
Brought back 4 pcs ..this is the 1st one..2nd one also have been ordered with similar design..3rd & 4th ..sorry..those are mine..can't bear to let it go w/o having some qty left for me..

BUT..I'm not sure when mine will be completed as the painting was really tedious . I have to stand all the time and moving around the table as the window is very big and heavy..


Ogy said...

wahh i love it!
rs nk import je dtg umah ai..tlg makeover satu rumah..ehehee

Nor Hafinaliza said...

thank Ogy..urusan import exsport boleh dibincangkan.. :-)

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