Saturday, June 11, 2011

Signage for Antique Porcelain Collections...Bunga Kangkong Collection.order from Kak Aton..

One of the AntiquePorcelain Collectors,Kak Aton,requested me to paint water spinach flower@ Bunga Kangkong design on the signage plaque for her to put/hang together with her collections of porcelains items with this water spinach flower design.
Thanks kak Aton for this opportunity.Because of this "assignment",now only I know the actual looks of this flower.

Below's example of how the porcelain items looks like,besides plate,there's a lot of others tableware items with this design such as tea set,bowl.. even ashtray..

Now,in Malaysia, the collector of this kind of antique items have been drastically increase and because of that,price of some item have reach to the unbelievable figure!

I did asked my mom whether she's still keeping some of them as she used to have it before when I was small (thought can have at least few pcs for free ..) but unfortunately,she have gave them away to others people long time ago thinking that those items are just 'old" and outdated design of tablewares...never thought,they would become a very precious items in future....

So,shall I start to keep whatever tablewares that I'm using now?Any chance for them to turn into 'big money" in future?? :-)


~ Mummy Gee ~ said...

cantik signage ni... how much?

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