Sunday, March 7, 2010

For my Mum..

Woke up early morning not to make breakfast (with excuse,today want to eat roti canai so have buy instead of make it..he..he..) but to complete "order "from my mum..

She passed to me 5pcs of Dumex plates ,I guess already > 30 yrs old (as per my age) and asked me to do something on paint..not in the mood yet so i've decided to do decoupage on them..

This Wed 10.03.10; my 10th Wedding anniversary (alhamdulillah..)..already "ordered" pulut kuning from my mum so will pass these plates to her when go back hometown to pick up the pulut kuning..I know she will like its..and she always appreaciate whatever I gave to her or made for her..


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