Saturday, March 6, 2010

Orders from Aja..

It tooks me > 1 week to digest request through SMS from Aja as I'm so worried the outcome won't match with what she had in her mind..but once started ,only 4 hrs to complete making both of it..

So Aja..hope you and your hubby like it..and sorry if my intepretation of your request not 100% correct..

Hmm..looks like my wording using brush is improving..huh..huh..

My husband used to laugh at my writing ..think he's not dare to laugh at me any more..

p/s: Common items between me & Aja:

1-Same age..(year' 75)

2-having 4 kids: 2 boys ,2 girls

3-Both son with same name : Haziq & Irfan

4- ???


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